this weekend

…was GFA’s Friday night prayer meeting (which you can now watch online on Tuesdays, and the first Friday of every month! www.gfa.org/prayer)

Good times.

And also good food.

And also taking a family picture. [The way we kept smiling was tickling each other while the self timer counted down.]

Melissa surprised us and came home for the weekend.  She cooked us good food, and kept us laughing, and also some of the family went garage saling, which always seems to happen when she’s home.

rooted: elevate 2010

this weekend was soaked in God’s Word.  the theme was rooted; rooted in the Bible.

^ our awesome small group leader, sarah

^craziness playing steal the bacon

^ we signed the bunk bed.

^clara, kayla, and half of myself.  the middle schoolers are awesome.

this weekend was a really great time with our church youth group.  awesome speaker ryan dalgliesch.   challenged to read more of God’s Word. good times with friends.  bonfire, smores, ultimate frisbee.