chrissy’s baby shower

i recently photographed a friend’s baby shower for their family’s newly adopted son, rhome.  the theme was vintage school house.


^ some of the fab planners/hostesses, teressa and rachael

^ some of the little girls there amusing themselves

^ the food for this shower was a school lunch (pb&j, carrots, pretzels), complete with a note from mom.

^ gift opening

^ reading the stories people wrote

^ laughing at the stories. as i recall, they involved cheese, and aprons, and “ridiculous!” and perhaps skiing and sitting on a couch loving each other and loving God.

i should be doing school.

but i’m not.  i’m doing american history while i read blogs and facebook.

but, ha, sometimes this abeka stuff is funny.

from american history:

” in 1619, the first boatload of women arrived in virginia to marry the settlers.”

from biology:

“Explain how grass reveals God’s care and provision for people and animals. Read Romans 1:20. What does grass reveal about God’s eternal power . Why does its widespread presence make all men responsible to God and without excuse?”

quick update…

ecc is over!  yay!  no more algebra. no more science.  no more spanish.  yes more photography :D no more deadlines.  but no more seeing friends :(  no more laughing in algebra. no more reese’s peanut butter cups.

so happy & sad. together.