dallas arboretum

I slept over with some friends, went to church with them, ate lunch, and then we went to the Dallas Arboretum.  Despite the rain, we had a really fun time.

^ Jenny, Ellie, Emily, and Sharlena

^ the pancake bush

^ we had a nice picnic in a gazebo: lavender lemonade, cookies, and banana muffins

^ the mist was beautiful

quilts and grass and rain


^ i made a quilt for a friend who’s having a baby… and had a photoshoot with it outside.




^ grass.

i’m so glad mom taught me how to quilt.

and, our garden seems to be doing okay after the big rainstorm we had.   the ground is still rather damp, though, so i didn’t water today.  and i try to miss the mud under the swing when i’m swinging.