walk with sisters!

^ we found a place near the pond that was shady and grassy.

^ clara and her awesome panda shirt!

^ me.

^ beautiful melissa

^ clara in the tree

^ crossing the stream on the way home

^ piggy back rides!

best dressed birthday party

^ Jenny, Sarrie, Olivia, Breanna, Elicia, Emily, Sharlena, and Melissa

^ this cake (sour cream chocolate chip, i think) was so delicious. and this picture is delicious too. i’m rather proud of it.

^ dancing in the night.  this looks kind of like a painting, doesn’t it? em and jen wove christmas lights all through their backyard.

dallas arboretum

I slept over with some friends, went to church with them, ate lunch, and then we went to the Dallas Arboretum.  Despite the rain, we had a really fun time.

^ Jenny, Ellie, Emily, and Sharlena

^ the pancake bush

^ we had a nice picnic in a gazebo: lavender lemonade, cookies, and banana muffins

^ the mist was beautiful


On Saturday, Clara and Amy and I helped at a carwash for Margaret to raise money for her intern account.

^ This is what it looked like most of the time.  Holding signs, waiting for customers.

^ This was our entertainment.  That, and Margaret and Arielle dancing while holding signs.

^ All of us, minus Amy.

^ We stopped at Starbucks on the way home.

backyard living, no. 1

[this one is for claire.]

and now, dear readers, i shall now feature a series of posts about how to live in one’s backyard.

to start, one must have a place to sleep, such as a treehouse, or perhaps a tent. i have already featured such a post here.

next, one must have  a restroom facility (fully equipped with toilet paper), like an outhouse in the corner, like my sisters and i had in our fourth-acre backyard of sand in new mexico.

one must also have a way to prepare food, such as a firepit, bonfire, or grill.  the main diet of  a backyard camper may consist of hotdogs, chili, hot cider, and smores.

more examples of backyard living to follow.