Rajasthan: the Land of Kings

Here are a few photos from while we were in Rajasthan.

^ Cows in India just stand in the middle of the road.  For real.  It’s because cows are revered as holy by the by some Indians, so they let them roam wherever they want to, and they don’t eat them.

^ Our giant “party bus” that we drove into tribal land in Rajasthan.

^ Our group in Rajasthan.


^ Tribal church

^ Child drinking from well

^ Children

^ Giving out tootsie rolls

^ Camel

^ The greatest camel riding photo ever.

^ This is really how it was.

^ The city of Udaipur

back from india

As many of you know, I went to India for two weeks this summer at the end of July.  There is so much I could say about it, but it was a spectacular and fabulous and amazing and wonderful and fun trip.  I am so glad I was able to go, and to experience another culture.  We visited Delhi,  Udaipur in Rajasthan,  Mumbai, and Kerala.

^ Sharlena and I before a day in Delhi

^ We were given leis everywhere we went.  It was such fun.

^ Intense bike ride through the muddy water

^ The foursome.

^ We drank – and brushed our teeth with – so many of this big water bottles

^ The group in front of the gates to the President’s Palace

^ Clara

^ Singing in front of the India Gate in Delhi

^ There was a really big group of people watching us

^ Awesome bag and shoes that I got when we went shopping.  Bartering is fun.

Well, that was only Delhi.  And only some of it.  A small some.  But, more will come later.

And, I would say that this trip was, indeed, life-changing.

6 days

These weeks of July have primarily been filled with various preparations for our trip to India.  Sewing punjabis, making trips to Walmart for things, making lists.  We leave to India in 6 days, on the 17th.  And since I haven’t written much about our trip, except that we are going to India, I will tell you now.  Our team consists of 15 people, two leaders, two teenagers from Canada, 10 teenagers from America, and one other adult.  We’ve been meeting regularly each week to practice songs and skits (and a line dance) that we’ll do for some of the kids in India, and also talking about and discussing different things in preparation for the trip.   [Things I need to remember: zip-loc bags, elastic, toilet paper, to do laundry, sending thank you notes, nikon battery] We’ll travel to Delhi (and do some shopping there), and to Mumbai, and to Rajasthan (we’ll see a palace in Udaipur), and to Kerala.  We’ll return on the 31st.  It’s rather overwhelming, but I have peace it will all work out because I know God is with me, and He works all things together for good to those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

Let’s see.  Packing list: several punjabis, skirts/shirts, jeans, t-shirts, toiletries, journal, Bible, pens, film SLR, nikon D40, zoom lens, extra battery, compact camera, film, SD cards.

Well.   You can definitely pray for me and the whole team.  Health, safety, for us to grow more like Jesus, and for us to see what God wants to show us.