photos that i'm loving

i was kidsitting this afternoon.


do you think i’m too big for this slide?  i’m sitting at the top.


reading curious george.


melissa took these ones while she spun around.



okay, these ones of melissa and i with the swirly effect are NOT edited.  at all.  we just moved the camera as we took the photo.

loving this one because of the color.



does this not look like a piece of art?


falling face!


this is my favorite one that i took.   i just love it.



lady grey tea is the best.


these are from this morning.  when it was raining.


notice how the camera around my neck is all in the air.



so, probably some of these photos are already up.  but i still love them.


clara, very randomly i might add, suggested i bend down and look between my knees.  because it looks weird.  so, i did.


this was gardening recently.  we found a box of flower seeds, from 1992, so we decided to plant them and see if they would grow.  so i did.



for any and all guys who will never go to a baby shower:  here is a sneak peek into a princess baby shower.

gus and jacque, the mice, getting ready in costume.


cinderella getting ready.


disneyworld pictures.

with gus and jacque, two mice.


with drizella and anastasia, the ugly stepsisters.


brea and claire.


yes, cinderella drinks tea.


cinderella and gus and jacque!






So I wrote these horse stories a time ago, in 2005.  I will take the liberty to share them with you.

you know, who am I kidding?  there is no you.  no one reads this.  sigh. 

i shall imagine someone is reading this.


The Race

June 15, 2005


Cinnamon was almost in the lead, just two horses behind.  With a burst of energy, he surged ahead of numbers 78 and 5.  Cinnamon was in the lead!  Only 29 yards left to the finish line!  The smell of dust mixed with sweat was strong in the air.  The heat of the race was on the horses and their riders.  Seven more yards to the end of the race!  Dash galloped ahead of Cinnamon only to be pushed back to second place. Cinnamon’s front feet crossed the white line.  The rest of his body followed.  At exactly 3:24:17 pm, Cinnamon, number 27, won the National Derby on June 17, 2005.  The rider of this famous horse was Elicia Christofferson.  She won the purse of $4,500 and a convertible of her choice.  The horse won the best food possible for the whole year.

 Dad after hearing that story: “Is that a horror story?”  I think I didn’t pronounce horse clearly, because Clara said that that’s what she thought I said too.



June 15, 2005


The wild stallion, Star, had been abandoned on an island when a ship crashed.  The horse grazed each day in the lush green valleys along a warm, lazy river.  One day Star decided to do something other that eat and sleep.  He decided to explore this mysterious island.  I assume you are thinking how a horse could be so smart.  Star had a mind of his own.  As he trotted along, he smelled smoke.  He slowed to a walk.  On the other side of the hill was a small village.  The huts were mad out of bamboo.  Star noticed small children playing on a hill a little way down.  “Oh no!” Star thought.  A panther about to pounce on a child!  He galloped down the hill, stood upon his hind legs, and kicked that panther right out of the tree he was sitting in.  Star gave a loud whiny and chased the panther away.  One native man shot an arrow at the panther and killed him first shot.  The little girl who had almost been pounced on by the panther asked this man if she could have the “horsee.”  The man told her that if she could catch that horse, she could have it.  He didn’t expect her to be able to catch Star though.  The girl walked up to Star and started patting him.  Star nuzzled her with his nose.  “Daddy, I caughted him!  I catched him!” 

Star lived ever after with the little girl.

And so ends the story of Star.