disastrous escapade

at first, happily filling a water bottle, putting a lid on it, and sticking it in my bag.  going to gfa and mopping for 54 minutes.  come down to the cafe, sign out, and go over to my purse.  open it and realize that the water bottle soaked some things.  then i realize the true extent of the damage: not just a little water leaked out, but all.  the lid had opened, the damage was done.  everything in my purse was wet.  the gum was soggy,  the tissues now wet masses, the paper wet, the cough drops making everything sticky.  but, the journal only slightly damp with no damage sustained other than slight warping, the library book tom swift and his airship not wet at all, the plastic film camera only wet externally, and the digital camera wasn’t even there!  praise god.

and now, packing craziness.  houston and beyond.  decide: vintage luggage or practical black?