This month has been busy, with preparations for our trip to India, and with swim instructoring at the pool.  I’ve been at that job for 3 weeks now.  It’s been going well; the first session (2 weeks long) I taught kids, and this last June session I’ve been doing the check-in book instead of teaching kids.  It’s been nice to have a break from being exhausted and sleeping all of each afternoon.  And, our India trip is coming up really fast.  We meet each Wednesday to practice songs and skits, and to talk about different things in preparation for the trip.  It’s so crazy that the trip is in 20 days!

^ Father’s Day was last Sunday.  This is my amazing dad.

^ He’s pretty cool.

^ Instructors and kids at the pool

^ My check-in desk

^ This Saturday we did a car wash at Chick-fil-A as a fundraiser for India, and Emily and Jenny made signs for the occasion.

^ Washing cars.

^ the group of us who helped at the carwash

^ the lovely clouds of Saturday

cars, boats, sunburns + frappuccinos = carwash

this past saturday we had a carwash at chick-fil-a as a fundraiser for our India trip.  several of us teens helped, and lots of parents and adults came and helped too. thanks guys!

we had fun spraying each other accidentally *cough* and, not so fun, getting sunburned.  next time i will wear sunscreen.

all in all, we washed 68 cars [including one really muddy truck] and one boat.

^ washing cars : photo by ruth graber

^ the boat!

^ jessie’s windex, guarded by the cones.  and the leather things the name of which i do not know how to spell.

^this is what i looked like during  my last shift holding signs. photo by ruth graber

^ afterwards: starbucks happy hour half price frappuccinos! and sunburned.

this weekend will be another fundraiser, this time a garage sale, for which we have to get up even earlier.  so pray for us!

…and if you want more information about our India trip, leave a comment and i will email you.


On Saturday, Clara and Amy and I helped at a carwash for Margaret to raise money for her intern account.

^ This is what it looked like most of the time.  Holding signs, waiting for customers.

^ This was our entertainment.  That, and Margaret and Arielle dancing while holding signs.

^ All of us, minus Amy.

^ We stopped at Starbucks on the way home.


amy came home this weekend with kameron and casey  to do a carwash to raise money for their second years at the honor academy.  at the beginning it was rainy, but at 11 (we got there at 8) the storm was cleared up and we started getting business.  we washed 30 cars in all, and raised way more money than we expected!  praise god.


^ making signs


^ kameron made this sign so that when he’s a homeless person he can raise money


^ amy standing by the road advertising


^ while it was raining we went to Hmart accross the street to marvel at the strange things there.


^ we had one sign that was a box and i wore it.  standing on the median.


^ washing cars



^  all our sunburnt legs at the end of the day.   kameron has the most dramatic sunburn.


^ ice cream lips at braum’s

mmm, pesto.