a story of God’s provision

As many of you know, lately I have been wanting to buy a DSLR camera.  Ideally I would get one before we went to New Mexico and before a friend’s wedding, so basically before November.

First, my friends Casey and Eric had the idea to do a raffle to raise money for me buying a camera, with the prize being me doing a photoshoot for someone.  It seemed like a great idea and was working out, until we found out that doing a raffle as an individual in Texas was… illegal.  So, that door closed.

Second, I started pursuing looking on Craigslist for used cameras, planning to buy one of what I have in savings.  God opened doors  there – it seemed like it was working out to  go that path.  I had contacted one guy, in Mansfield who was selling a Nikon D80 and and 18-55mm  lens, for $600.  But it wasn’t working out smoothly to meet with him, and then, that evening I looked on Craigslist again, because Casey had encouraged me not to get my heart set on one specific camera.   And, there was another D80 listed, with an 18-135mm lens, for $100 less!  Dad called the guy (who was named Ernie… I thought he would be an old man) and it turned out that he had only had the camera for a few months and then got a D90, and that (this is the best part) he was a worship pastor!  We met him after church at his church (also in Mansfield… it seems like I’m fated to buy cameras from people in Mansfield) and now I own a camera!

It’s like Amy’s story of how she got a job… God just dropped the opportunity in her lap, and it turned out to be the perfect one.

Praise the Lord.  That’s all I can say.

dorinda? i love dorinda!

november 14th was dorinda’s wedding.  now they are mr. and mrs. greg and dorinda beeley.

i took most of these with film, in my 35mm slr.

waiting for greg!

peeking in at them between the partition and the wall.

^dorinda and sharlena

dorinda’s bridesmaids were her sisters, charlessa, susan, and lucinda.


the ideal version of this picture would include greg and dorinda kissing by the sign.

during the reception we all pinned clothespins on the single men.  and sam won with 36.  he got the garter.

we threw wheat on them as they ran out.

of film and football and fort worth and green beans

here are some jewels from my recent rolls of film.  i’ll be posting more later… but we shan’t have a photo overload now, shall we?


^ aunt marie, friday night football game in houston between clear lake and clear brook


^ clara and ginger in the back yard


^ fort worth stockyards


^ when alexa was making potato leek soup, with green beans as well

happy flea market day.

it no longer seems like fall.  it seemed like fall at the end of summer, but now it seems like summer again.


^ purchase of the day: vintage luggage for $2.  !!!

don’t worry auntie steph.  smiling with teeth pictures are coming soon.


^ vintage buttons.  a handful for $1.


^ smile with teeth!



goodwill.  craziness of tons of people. trying on things over my clothes because of the lines for the dressing rooms.  finding sweet deals.  everything being 50% off.

flea market.  barely getting there and buying vintage luggage because i just had to have it.  staying around this one booth because it had all the cool vintage stuff.  paperdolls, letters, cards, envelopes.  spanish money.

a.w. perry museum.  going through an old house.  being reminded of greenfield village.  sack races.  petting zoo.  horses, chickens, goats, bunnies.   some old(er) ladies tell us about spinning and grinding corn and coffee and about the courting candle. old russian ladies telling us that we should pick the pomegranites after we already had.

amy coming home.  hearing about esoal and feeling for her and her bruises.

old town antique store.  old maps.  70% off a ton of stuff.

taking tons of pictures.