peach pie

This is now my favorite kind of pie. Ever. If you haven’t had it, you’ve missed out. But really, you’ve got to make it yourself. A store-bought pie could never compete with the flavor, the texture, the just-right-sweetness of homemade.

I got my 10 peaches at Rosemeade Market, where I work. Local Texas peaches are above all others. And I used this recipe from Bon Appetit, with some adaptions.

First step: blanching them in boiling water (directions here – except I did longer than 40 seconds – more like a minute), and  peeling them, which is easy; they’re just slippery.

Second step: cutting them up. (I’m not sure why I didn’t think to eat any at this point.) You combine these with sugar, I also added some lemon juice.

Third and fourth and fifth steps?: pie crust, which you put in your pan, and spoon in the fruit, and put on the top crust, and crimp the edges, and cut slits in the top, and bake. To make this:

Chocolate Chip Chiffon Cake

This photo shows just one step in making this delicious cake, the cooling period where we have it upside down on a bottle.

The recipe is from Mema, my grandmother on my Mom’s side. And it is word for word from the original. You’ll have to open the link to read all the semi-ridiculous wording.

Cake recipe: Chocolate Chip Chiffon Cake

The frosting recipe I use:  4-Minute Butter Frosting

This is absolutely one of my family’s favorite cakes, and we make it for almost every birthday. It’s that good.

i woke up at 10:40


^ clara with leaves


^ lovely butterfly.  enjoyed god’s amazing creation this morning very much.


^ eggs of a lovely colour


^ a crate of grapes arrived by mail for alexa today.  with some persimmons and green things too.


^ i made scores of cookies – a gross in fact.  dorinda’s famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

brownies with belly buttons


^ i made molten chocolate cakes today.  like chocolate lava cakes.  but since i made them smaller than the recipe said, i accidentally baked them too long, and they weren’t very lava-y.  and since i didn’t tap the pan to get the air out, there was air pockets and the bottom.  brownies with belly buttons.

water bottle