Call to Missions

The letter below shares how the Lord led me to serve as a missionary with Gospel for Asia, and how you can partner with me to help reach South Asia with Christ’s love.

God planted a passion for missions in my heart during the past few years at Gospel for Asia’s School of Discipleship, and especially for the people of Asia, so many of whom have never once heard of Jesus’ love for them. The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 came alive when I realized God was leading me to give my life for this purpose – and I want to invite you to link arms with me in this calling!

For most of my growing up years, I’ve lived in North Texas where my family has served at Gospel for Asia, a non-profit missions organization working in South Asia for more than 35 years. God used the community of believers and the emphasis on prayer that I experienced at GFA to shape who I am today.

I participated in GFA’s School of Discipleship program following my graduation from high school, from 2013 to 2014. This set-apart time of intense growth and discipleship was foundational in my personal walk with the Lord, as well as realizing my call to serve in missions full time.


Although I grew up as a “missionary kid”, my trip to South Asia in 2013 gave me a new perspective on missions. I was overwhelmed by the masses of people who populated every street corner and village; many of whom had never heard the name of Jesus and are totally unreached with His love. But through the testimony of a little boy in a Bridge of Hope project center, the Lord gently showed me that one life being touched matters. Each individual who hears of Jesus’ love is so precious to our Savior! I realized that it is worth it to do everything I can to share the Gospel with the most unreached.

The Lord led me to join Gospel for Asia as a full-time staff member, and I count it a privilege to surrender my life for God’s glory and to make His name known among the nations by serving with GFA.

The vision of Gospel for Asia is to transform communities in South Asia with the love of Christ. Thousands of national missionaries serve in areas that are not yet reached with the Gospel to establish fellowships, serve the needs of the people, and disciple many first generation believers. You may ask, what part do I play as a GFA staff member in the United States?

Home team staff members here at the Gospel for Asia US office are a vital link between supporters in the west and national missionaries on the field. GFA supports 16,000 national missionaries serving in more than 10 South Asian nations, and I represent more than 200 of these missionaries. Think of it this way: a soldier serving on the frontlines of a war has a team of people backing him up, keeping the supply lines open and enabling him to remain focused on the battle. Both the soldier and the team are vital to the success of the war; one could not survive without the other.

As a Gospel for Asia home team staff member, I raise my own financial support to enable 100% of mission field funds go where they’re designated. I am seeking to build a team of prayer warriors and financial supporters to help meet my goal of $1,450 a month and partner with me to reach the unreached. The Lord has been so faithful to provide! Currently I have reached 50% of my support goal (as of April 2015).

I would be interested in continuing a conversation with you about linking arms to share the love of Christ in Asia! Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk more about Gospel for Asia, or if you have any questions.

Find out how to join my support team…

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