2019: What’s Happening at Gospel for Asia

Since I’m catching up on blogging, here’s some news! I became the coordinator of the Web team at Gospel for Asia, as of April 2018. It’s been with a bit of trepidation that I entered this leadership role, but I am grateful for an opportunity to walk by faith even more, to serve the Lord in a greater capacity and to work alongside a really great team. The Lord has graciously been preparing me for this role, and I am excited. I would also really, really appreciate your prayers!

We recently got many reports about what happened on the mission field in 2018! It’s been so amazing to see what God has done. Recently, our founder, Dr.KP Yohannan, shared that in the past five years they have seen everything on the mission field grow by three times. It’s really astounding, and we give God all the glory for this! It’s amazing to be part of so many lives in Asia being changed and so many people coming to know Christ.

Gospel for Asia ministry statistics from 2018

I’ve shared a couple of times about the Christmas Catalog, and last year, more than 241,000 families or individuals were given these gifts. So many lives have been changed through simple things like a blanket or a sewing machine. Each of the gifts helps meet felt needs, helps families break the cycle of poverty, or equips a missionary for ministry.  A 65-year-old widow from the Himalayas who received a blanket said, “For years, I have longed and dreamed of owning a blanket, but I knew that I never could. If your Jesus cares about me so much to give me this blanket, I will follow him for the rest of my life.”

Gospel for Asia ministry statistics from 2018
Gospel for Asia ministry statistics from 2018
Gospel for Asia statistics from 2018

In another village where families were given BioSand water filters, one villager said, “We never knew the taste of clean water before.”

We filmed a lot of short videos about these 2018 reports from the field! This was one of the big projects we were working on in Web. You can check out these awesome stories at

“It really made such a difference for them! They were able to breed [the piglets] … they could sell some of them and earn money.” —Elicia, behind the scenes missionary at Gospel for Asia

Video Testimony: Living for Jesus

If I were to sum up what the Lord worked in my life through my two years in Gospel for Asia’s School of Discipleship program… (that’s really hard to sum up by the way)… two things stand out.


Living in light of eternity.

That’s what it’s really all about.

If you care to watch, here’s a short video the team made about my SD story.

kodak 400

these photos were all taken on a roll of film i recently developed.

^ melissa at half price.  bookstores make for such great photos.

^ melissa’s table at graduation.

these photos after this are from melissa’s graduation party!

^ rachael, the amazing lovely cupcake baker!

^ actually a picture of me

^ me and sarrie

^ we hung paper lanterns and pictures on our porch

^ anneliese with sunflare and bokeh!

^ hanging paper lanterns on the porch

^ pictures and lights on the porch.  melissa had a great idea to hang the pictures with binder clips between the lanterns.

^ bokeh lights in the backyard.


as you all know, our room was painted this summer.  dull white to a lovely blue.  we got rid of the bunk bed clara and i shared, and now have two twin beds.  i changed my comforter by turning it upside down.  it used to be this sailor/nautical theme, now it’s white.  clara has a reversible comforter too, and its this lovely purply brown pattern now.  i have a hanging paper lantern, now clara has one too.  my dresser is between our beds, her dresser is on the opposite wall.  i have a lovely jewelry tree on my dresser.  function and beauty, right?  and the rug on the floor ($3 ikea) really defines the floor space.  except you can’t see it…  changes still to come: curtains, coat rack for clara, and bookshelf.