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reasons why UGG boots are not great

First, the name of their brand! When a persons says Ugh! they are vocally expressing a negative emotion. UGG sounds exactly like Ugh (the H being silent,) therefore from the start, UGG boots are subconsciously viewed negatively.

Second, they are formless and void. Last night I was cleaning out my closet, and I came to the conclusion that any item of clothing that is formless and void (shapeless, in other words horrible, etc) should be thrown away IMMEDIATELY. Why should you ever wear on your body something that is like the earth before it was finished being created?

Third, they make you look like your legs are like the legs of elephants. And that your feet are the feet of elephants. Willfully clomping around is something you SHOULD NOT DO.

So what if they’re comfy? Most of the shoes that look fabulous are the ones that hurt – although the best shoe, in my opinion, is the shoe that looks amazing while feeling amazing for your feet.

Of course, more reasons exist as to why UGG boots are not great. These are a few.

What if your soul depends on UGG boots to survive, and now that you’ve given them up you don’t know what to do? See below:

Hit up your local thrift store for unique shoes! They’ll be inexpensive too.  My best pair of lumberjack/hipster boots was found at a thrift store. Also my two most awesome pairs of red heels. Also my woven leather loafers! At a garage sale, I found lace up sandals. Also at a garage sale, I found sweater boot slippers.  Years ago at Plato’s Closet, I got knock-off Keds that I still wear – I wore them today actually. On sale at F21, I found cobalt blue suede heels. On sale at Sears, I got leather boots from the little boy’s section. On sale, I got work boots that I do not wear for work. If you’re into couponing… take advantage both sales and coupons to get inexpensive shoes. And don’t be ashamed to take hand-me-downs.

Or make shoes! Take a flip flop sole, cut off the plastic straps, and use knotted and braided fabric to create your own straps, in configurations and patterns that are unique to you. Or paint shoes! All over Etsy are galaxy painted shoes, which are fantastic, and my personal favorite is painting canvas shoes in an ombre fade.

You can get great belts at thrift stores too. Don’t get me started.

new glasses (zagg in tennesee whiskey from Warby Parker), and little accent pin curls, and a vintage tin

farmers market explorations

A group of friends and I  trekked downtown on our city’s public transportation, and we explored the farmers market! The last time I had been was years ago -and I remember it as wonderful and magical, so I was hoping it would live up to my expectations. It did! But I will begin at the start of our journey. We met at the DART rail station around 8am, bought the passes, and hopped on the train. My sister and I had made scones to share as we rode. Oops, we forgot about the no food and drinks rule. Riding the Green Line through the trees and neighborhoods, the view out our window transitioned to the downtown city. We passed a few corner coffee shops and cafes and rode through a few stations before departing at the St. Paul Station. We then walked down about a mile to the farmers market.
dallas farmers market

dallas farmers market produce

The color, the fragrance, the noise of all the shoppers…
dallas farmers market : berries

railway birds

I came home with a bag full of fresh local produce, yum.

this year’s garden

We have lots of things growing. Herbs, beans, swiss chard, radishes, red cabbage, cantaloupes, and TOMATOES. My word, do we have tomatoes. We probably pick almost a pint each day!

cherry tomatoes

one day's harvest

These homegrown tomatoes… they are the ones that I ate and enjoyed. That moment when I ate a tomato and enjoyed it… radical and life changing. (To properly understand this, you must realize that for all of my life I’ve despised eating raw tomatoes. No longer!)

morning glories

I always grow morning glories in my herb garden.

morning glory vines

Just a few days ago we cut up and ate this cantaloupe.

homegrown cantaloupe

The taste of homegrown food… there’s nothing better.

of chocolate cake

So: this is mostly for my future reference. Or just to get this out of my head.

It’s ridiculous how many links I follow to find crazy things on the web… and I can never remember how I find things!

Like, I almost went through 16 pages of chocolate cake recipes on Bon Appetit because I thought that’s where I found the recipe for my chocolate birthday cake back in February…. and then I realized where the recipe actually was. On the recipe blog of this cool girl who lives in NYC and shoots all her food photos WITH FILM. So impressive. They’re beautiful photos. But, that’s where the chocolate cake recipe was from. The enormous, three layer, batter too big for the bowl cake. Right here. And the tinier vanilla three layer cake I made that for that party also was from that blog. My cake was small because I think I 2/3rds the recipe or something. (I am aware that the above sentence is not proper grammar.)

It was a great party, by the way. My 18th birthday, it had to be good. Go stalk my celebrations here.

And since I’m talking recipes: these are the best brownies ever, and this pie is amazing. And my Mom made a granola recipe from the Bon Appetit magazine today, and it made me so happy. Surfers Granola, accompanied by Surfin’ USA by the Beach Boys.

My goodness this post is quilted with links. Did you know that all of the fireworks in San Diego went off at once? HAH

Happy July, enjoy your summer, and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen! (Today was Safety Day at the pool… I’m a swim instructor. It’s great.)

handpainted canvas shoes :: coral ombre

I love the ombre trend. And coral too! So I combined these two beautiful things in a pair of handpainted shoes that I made for a friend.

coral ombre canvas shoes

It was extraordinarily easy. I basically did a coral base coat, then while it was still wet (so the paint could mix a little) I layered the white paint. At the local craft store I got the brush-on permanent, washable fabric paint that I used(Tulip brand soft paint, in Velveteen Red and Matte White.) Then I just touched up the areas that needed it.

I didn’t even tape anything off, I just freehanded everything. For clean up, I used nail polish remover and a Q-tip to wipe off the paint that had migrated onto the rubber sole and the holes for the shoe laces.

Coral shoes! I need to make some for me now.