reasons why UGG boots are not great

First, the name of their brand! When a persons says Ugh! they are vocally expressing a negative emotion. UGG sounds exactly like Ugh (the H being silent,) therefore from the start, UGG boots are subconsciously viewed negatively.

Second, they are formless and void. Last night I was cleaning out my closet, and I came to the conclusion that any item of clothing that is formless and void (shapeless, in other words horrible, etc) should be thrown away IMMEDIATELY. Why should you ever wear on your body something that is like the earth before it was finished being created?

Third, they make you look like your legs are like the legs of elephants. And that your feet are the feet of elephants. Willfully clomping around is something you SHOULD NOT DO.

So what if they’re comfy? Most of the shoes that look fabulous are the ones that hurt – although the best shoe, in my opinion, is the shoe that looks amazing while feeling amazing for your feet.

Of course, more reasons exist as to why UGG boots are not great. These are a few.

What if your soul depends on UGG boots to survive, and now that you’ve given them up you don’t know what to do? See below:

Hit up your local thrift store for unique shoes! They’ll be inexpensive too.  My best pair of lumberjack/hipster boots was found at a thrift store. Also my two most awesome pairs of red heels. Also my woven leather loafers! At a garage sale, I found lace up sandals. Also at a garage sale, I found sweater boot slippers.  Years ago at Plato’s Closet, I got knock-off Keds that I still wear – I wore them today actually. On sale at F21, I found cobalt blue suede heels. On sale at Sears, I got leather boots from the little boy’s section. On sale, I got work boots that I do not wear for work. If you’re into couponing… take advantage both sales and coupons to get inexpensive shoes. And don’t be ashamed to take hand-me-downs.

Or make shoes! Take a flip flop sole, cut off the plastic straps, and use knotted and braided fabric to create your own straps, in configurations and patterns that are unique to you. Or paint shoes! All over Etsy are galaxy painted shoes, which are fantastic, and my personal favorite is painting canvas shoes in an ombre fade.

You can get great belts at thrift stores too. Don’t get me started.

new glasses (zagg in tennesee whiskey from Warby Parker), and little accent pin curls, and a vintage tin

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