cars, boats, sunburns + frappuccinos = carwash

this past saturday we had a carwash at chick-fil-a as a fundraiser for our India trip.  several of us teens helped, and lots of parents and adults came and helped too. thanks guys!

we had fun spraying each other accidentally *cough* and, not so fun, getting sunburned.  next time i will wear sunscreen.

all in all, we washed 68 cars [including one really muddy truck] and one boat.

^ washing cars : photo by ruth graber

^ the boat!

^ jessie’s windex, guarded by the cones.  and the leather things the name of which i do not know how to spell.

^this is what i looked like during  my last shift holding signs. photo by ruth graber

^ afterwards: starbucks happy hour half price frappuccinos! and sunburned.

this weekend will be another fundraiser, this time a garage sale, for which we have to get up even earlier.  so pray for us!

…and if you want more information about our India trip, leave a comment and i will email you.

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