Easter Sunday

This Sunday we celebrated Easter.  Easter is not just a spring celebration, with egg hunts and candy, but the real reason for Easter, what we are celebrating, is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave after he died for our sins.

^ This is Lloyd, our Easter turkey.  It’s a tradition now.  For  holidays we brine turkeys in apple cider in a 5-gallon bucket in the fridge and name them.

^ This is the apple pie I made.

^ Our family.


  1. Lloyd looked delicious! And that pie, Ellie – wow, it looks like it came from a bakery – it is gorgeous!!!

  2. Lloyd is a pimp turkey! Hahahahahahahha! Wow that pie looks AMAZING. I love all you girls dresses, you can’t see amys very well but from one half of it i can tell it was gorgeous! I love claras white, and your PIMP vintageness and melissa is so awesome with her clothes :))) ahahahahha Im glad you had a great easter. I wore jeans XD

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