ECC is over.

The tests are done, the presentations completed.  Melissa won’t ever come back to ECC as a student.  And the people will be missed.

This year has been filled with so many memories.  Dissecting things in Biology.  Things not be gross, but “How interesting!” Walking to the bathroom to wash out the dissecting trays.  Dance class.  Cookies.  Swing.  So much fun.  Lunch with all the GFAers in the gym, or sometimes outside.  So many good memories with Emily, Jenny, and Sharlena.  Economics.  Discussing things, learning.  American History.  Playing jeopardy with the questions.  Friendly rivalry.  The bell or the buzzer.  Dark chocolate and mint gum.

^ Me and dear friend Emily

^ Mom at the End of Semester program, with her craft class table

^ After the program with Emily, Jenny, and Sharlena

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