christmas party

getting ready.

my stuff on the floor.  after we got there.

the look. curly hair.  gray dress [thrifted.] red shoes [thrifted.] black belt [borrowed.] white cardigan [borrowed.] turquoise necklace [from mom.] someone told me i looked like audrey hepburn, which made me happy.  and i used casey’s nikon d200 to photograph the kids christmas play.  that made me happy too.  and my friends made me happy.

me and daddy

terri’s pie.  the prettiest one, but it didn’t get eaten because it came later than the store-bought ones, and those got cut up and put on tables first.

One comment

  1. Audra loves your shoes. Audra loves your dress. Audra loves your outfit. Audra loves your necklace. Audra loves your hair like that. Audra loves your belt. Audra loves that bag. Audra loves you. <3

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