long ago


^ driving in canada in july 2004


  1. NO WAY! I love these photos. In my mind, you are still the photos of my memory – much younger than this (ie, you still lived in MM and I saw you all the time)….but these are great photos….
    Ellie! You smiled with your teeth! Do you see now why I love those pictures of you that way???!!!
    Clara was still just a “little one” – on her way to who she is now.
    Amy hardly looks like she does now, do you agree?
    And Melly with her long hair – I always loved her hair long – but I love her current look so much!!!
    what a wonderful post. Look later in the week at “Odds & Ells” for a trip down “memory lane” – you think you guys look young here…..well, wait to see what I have in store for you….AND it comes with full memories. Love to all of you….so much!
    Auntie Steph

  2. oh wow. Melissa. *cough* homeschooler *cough* lol! (with love Melissa, with love.) Ha! You (ells) are wearing over alls. Ha. Im sorry. i get a kick out of that and i have no idea why. lol

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