best bookstore in the world


^ books


^ more books



^ melissa.  i’m realizing how amazing this picture would be if i cropped out the ceiling.  i’m gonna have to do that.


^ melissa’s favorite little room


^ amy’s chair.  yes, she is home! if only for the weekend.  she brought many fun/crazy/awesome  friends.



^ my Diana F+ lomography book


^ melissa’s dress is so perfect for taking pictures of.  she is too.  and, of course, there’s the guy with the cool beard.


the bookstore, called Recycled i think, is on north locust street in denton.  it’s in an old opera house.  it’s really mazy, like the antique store in downtown carrollton.  but more so.

so this week my aim is to take photos on a roll of film… with only  my fisheye lens on.  yeah.

road map.


  1. that bookstore looks small at first, and then you go in and then there’s a basement… and then there’s upstairs, a secret room upstairs, buried tresure… anyways i’m getting too carried away… good place! :)

  2. That is a WONDERFUL picture of melissa reading :D I loooove it!
    I love that bookstore, it looks really cool! :D Sorta like a better version of half price book store! Im glad Amy is home:D How exciting! i bet shes gone now though :( How sad!
    I love melissas dress- the first dress I have ever loved :D haha! Wonderful post- I love it!

  3. so fun! thanks for putting these pictures up! yes, I have come back now, but I was home for Fourth of July weekend! :)

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