"she's perfect in every way…"

Your mom called me, and was telling  me about you, how you were beautiful and perfect in every way.  I came to the hospital, and I thought, “Well, they forgot to tell me about her legs.”  But I thought it was really nice that they thought you were perfect even though you didn’t have any legs.  You had big beautiful brown eyes, and no legs.

Eventually your mom asks me to change your diaper, and I’m like, “Okay, how will this work.”  And I take off your diaper, and I say, “Holy cow!  She has legs!”  And your mom and dad look at me funny and say, “What do you mean?”  I told them how I thought you didn’t have any legs, because your legs were up by your ears, and I couldn’t tell that  you had legs.  Like a chicken.

I was telling your Auntie Charlotte that story, and she never really got it, why it would look like a baby had no legs.  But when Asher was born, she told me that she finally understood why one could think that.

This story is told from the perspective of my Auntie Steph talking to me.

I laughed so hard when Auntie Steph called for my birthday and told me this story.  It’s been more than 15 times that I’ve heard it, I think.  100_2573


  1. Im so glad you posted that story! It is so funny. I like storys better when people tell them to me though. Im glad you are finally 15 now! :)

  2. you look great! (i love your mkaeover, but i still think your pretty any ways :D lol!
    you look good with striaghtened hair.

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