so our long-time friends, the o’briens visited us yesterday.  it was really fun to see them.   i’ve known audra since she was born :)


together we enjoyed a yummy lunch of chicken alfredo, made by our resident chef melissa.


you can take such better pictures outdoors.  or at least in good light.  why do people have scary studios?  where you have fake light and boring backgrounds?  i wanna be like mary, if i ever become a pro.  and do things differently- like outdoors.  not the generic way.


we were in the treehouse.  i haven’t been up there  in a while.  i need to act like a kid more, i guess.


mom and mrs. kathy had a nice time talking, i think.  that’s what they did most of the time.




One comment

  1. o guys! I miss you already! My mom was saying that maybe we can meet halfway sometime soon (so its only 30 min for each of us) then we can get together more often!
    THanks for hosting us it was soo so fun!

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