ravioli & cream puffs

this is a post in honor of auntie steph. because we made ravioli!  with the cutters she gave us.  we didn’t use her recipe because we couldn’t find it…


and we used this really old pasta machine.  that mom has probably owned since she was married…


at first we didn’t have the machine figured out all the way.  but eventually we figured out that we needed to use the 5th setting, to make it thin enough but not too thin.


beautiful little ravioli.


that was our valentine’s dinner.


also, totally unrelated to ravioli, except that it is something with filling, are my cream puffs.

after church today, we were at a korean supermarket, and at the little bakery inside, they were making cream puffs.  right before your eyes.  i got two fruit filled ones.  they weren’t filled, like to overflowing, but it was nice to have the strawberry.


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